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Rocky Coat Buffet

Being creative isn’t just good for the soul, but also for the mind. It allows you to focus, and use your passions; clearing your mind of other subjects, and expressing your thoughts and feelings in a calm and imaginative way. For me, transforming furniture is my creative outlet that always brings out the best in… Continue reading Rocky Coat Buffet

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Stone Fence Secretary

Trying to be perfect is exhausting. If you can perhaps relate, and have found yourself stuck in a perfectionist spin cycle, I hope you find something that allows you to hit the PAUSE (and just breathe) button. 😌 As a web designer/developer, I have a really great way of satisfying my perfectionism (OCD)… coding truly… Continue reading Stone Fence Secretary

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Patient & Persistent Bedroom Makeover

22+ years I’ve shared a bedroom with my sweetheart… cozy in a queen we certainly have been. Furnished with a handmade suite made for my hubs when he was a young boy… incredibly solid, ridiculously heavy, and unpleasantly 80’s style. Just the thought of me wanting to replace it caused a rift between us… and… Continue reading Patient & Persistent Bedroom Makeover