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Third Time Charm Buffet

When I came across this vintage buffet (with matching china cabinet and draw leaf table), I knew I just had to have it. I’ve been desiring a harmonious set for our dining room for quite some time — albeit difficult to find one fitting for our moderate space. Although charmed to have acquired such a… Continue reading Third Time Charm Buffet

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Quaint Quaker Blue

I’m kind of a consistent and predictable kinda gal. I like to plan out my days, know what’s coming up next, and without my multiple spreadsheets I am certain I would never rest easy. I honestly don’t know how my Farmer hubby does it — most days he doesn’t know what he’ll be doing in… Continue reading Quaint Quaker Blue

For YOU · Homestead House Milk Paint · Modern Farmhouse

Stone Fence Secretary

Trying to be perfect is exhausting. If you can perhaps relate, and have found yourself stuck in a perfectionist spin cycle, I hope you find something that allows you to hit the PAUSE (and just breathe) button. 😌 As a web designer/developer, I have a really great way of satisfying my perfectionism (OCD)… coding truly… Continue reading Stone Fence Secretary