A Lil’ More Room for Grace

When we embrace our imperfections, we make a little more room for grace. ❤️ My envy of others — those who seem to ‘have it all together’ is a personal struggle I continuously endure. I try so hard to accomplish many things, and consistently find myself only achieving a small portion. “What am I doing wrong?”… Continue reading A Lil’ More Room for Grace


What a Lil’ Bit of Love Can Do

🎶 I know that you’ve been feeling down and blue, But there ain’t nothing really wrong with you You just need a little tendin’ to Let me show you what a lil’ bit of love can do! 🎶 Yes, this matching set of ornate side/end tables… Was feeling a lil’ down and blue, But there wasn’t really… Continue reading What a Lil’ Bit of Love Can Do

Farmhouse Chic

Listening to My Heart

Listen to your heart.  It may be on your left, but it is ALWAYS right! ❤ Back in January 2017, I started out flipping a few furniture pieces for ME.. for our home… and quickly realized how VERY much I loved this craft, and simply could NOT get enough of it!  BUT our small farmhouse… Continue reading Listening to My Heart


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another. For those that admire my work — I thank you.  For those that may not — most certainly respected… as beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder. ❤   This proverb applies to many things… Continue reading Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Harmonious Bedside Tables

From rising & shining (B R E A T H E  in) … to resting & unwinding (B R E A T H E  out).  I love both my mornings and nights harmoniously. ❤ What’s the first and last thing you do when you wake in the morn, or lie your head down at night? … Continue reading Harmonious Bedside Tables


Timeless Cobblestone Charm

I am elated to be BACK at flipping furniture!  While preparing for a recent craft market… all of my spare time over the past few months was spent on transforming decor items — which although I very much enjoy doing… furniture is where it’s really at for me — undeniably my dearest creative outlet and therapeutic… Continue reading Timeless Cobblestone Charm

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Petite and Time-Worn Farmhouse Hutch

Some pieces sit in my queue for far too-long. So long, I can almost hear them hollering “Faye! Did you forget about me?!  You promised to give me some love! Where are you Faye?!” My Mum found this delightful lil’ gal for me last summer, and she’s been sadly and impatiently waiting in my queue since… Continue reading Petite and Time-Worn Farmhouse Hutch

Country Chic Paint · Farmhouse Chic · For YOU

Oh dearest buffet, how do I part with thee?!

I try my best to not complain, and when I ever do — shame on me.  I have a pretty sweet life.  So sweet in fact, I have to pinch myself daily and give bundles of thanks.  However amidst that super sweet life, there are times that I can be a lil’ spoiled and greedy. … Continue reading Oh dearest buffet, how do I part with thee?!

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Once Again Pretty Vintage Washstand

Everyone is more than ready for Spring, including this delightful vintage washstand I restored while waiting for Mother Nature to come around. Even ‘she’ has been longing for a bouquet of pink peonies! ❤ Every girl needs and wants to feel pretty, and this charming piece is of no exception. Although she likely felt pretty… Continue reading Once Again Pretty Vintage Washstand

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Not Just a Hope Chest

The ‘Hope Chest’ dates back centuries, revealing a rich and fascinating history. Originating at a time when marriage included the exchange of property between families, hope chests were once used for storing marriage necessities and essential home goods for young women. One can only imagine what one may have stored in this dowry years ago.… Continue reading Not Just a Hope Chest