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❤️ Hello ~ I’m so flattered that you’re here, and grateful for any interest you might have.

❤️ I’m Faye Fossay ~ Farmwife & Mum, Furniture Restorer, Website Crafter. My family and I live, love and work on our farm in the heart of Manitoba CANADA — amidst wide-open spaces, cattle grazing and heart-dropping prairie sunsets.

❤️ I happily restore tired furniture and transform it from sad and bleak to farmhouse chic. Some pieces I keep for OUR home, and others are offered to YOU for purchase. Looking for inspiration?  Wondering what pieces I’m presently working on giving new life to?  Maybe you’re curious about what I currently have available for purchase?  I invite you to stop by my landing page, which will lead you back here to my Blog Site, and also to my Etsy Shop and social platforms:

Please know that I’m not currently sourcing furniture, considering custom orders, or able to supply advice. One however never knows what tomorrow may bring  —  I’ll be sure to update when/if this changes.

I truly appreciate ALL interest and inquiries!

Thank YOU,
Faye Fossay, Farm Life Best Life