Furniture ~ For YOU

Looking to FURNISH, and/or decor your home with country chic character, and sweet imperfections? Take a lookie here at my #farmlifebestlife furniture pieces currently available and coming soon for YOU!


This Sideboard ↓ is Coming Soon for YOU ❤

~ DIMENSIONS: 34” + 2.25″ H x 41.5” W x 17” D


This Charmingly Chippy Dresser ↓ is for YOU ❤

If you have been aching for a chippy piece, then this dresser is most certainly for YOU!  A sweet ol’ piece that holds copious signs of aging… chipping, peeling, cracking… the WHOLE deal!  Display as a statement piece in your home or cottage for an authentic farmhouse look n’ feel.  Just lovely!

~ DIMENSIONS: 36” H x 44” W x 20” D
~ PRICE: $425 + Tax
~ PURCHASE: Via My Etsy Shop



This Antique Dresser Vanity-Sink ↓ is FOR YOU (AFTER Robyn’s Wedding) ❤

A true antique dresser (CIRCA 1911), that was achingly dull and longing for revitalization — now a breathtaking upcycled vanity-sink in the most cheerful and subdued sea glass blue colour. A custom and unique piece that will settle ever-so-sweetly into ones’ abode. Lavatory antique charm with a subtly sweet and sumptuous touch for YOU.

~ DIMENSIONS: 33.5” + 41″ H x 38” W x 18.75” D
~ PRICE: $999 + Tax (NEW Sink/Faucet Included)
~ PURCHASE: Will Become Available Via My Etsy Shop on Sep 1 ’19
~ DEPOSIT: Will Secure for YOU