Sewing Towers


Transformed Piece of History

* Antique & Vintage UPCYCLED Sewing Drawer Towers *

Once sewing drawers from an antique Treadle Sewing Machine, now a charming chest for storing so many items!

Whether you simply display as a sweetly imperfected decor accent in that special nook of your home or cottage… OR use it as an ever-so-charming way of storing various items (florals, coffee pods, tea bags, succulents, herbs, essential oils, candles, jewellery, cosmetics, toiletries, treasures, and more)… you decide how these delightfully restored and transformed pieces of history will shine their brightest in your abode!






Info & Care

Transformed with the following exquisite products:

  • Country Chic Paint ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ (eco-friendly clay-paint)
  • Country Chic Paint ‘Wax’ or ‘Hemp Oil’ (added farmhouse chic touch)
  • Smooth, Durable, Matte Finish (household spatter & fingerprint protection)
  • Wipe gently with a damp cloth