Mason Jar (Kitchen Sets)

NEW in 2018 ❤

Add a charming touch of rustic farmhouse decor to your kitchen with a shabby chic mason jar kitchen set! Mason jars are a timeless essential, and make for perfect birthday, Christmas, housewarming, just because, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and appreciation gifts!



All of my mason jar kitchen sets are finished with the following exquisite products:

  • Country Chic Paint ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ ~ charming and eco-friendly clay-paint
  • Country Chic Paint ‘Tough Coat‘ ~ for top-notch protection
  • Non-Rusting Stainless Steel Pumps ~ available in both ‘foaming’ and ‘liquid’ soap dispensers

Pssst ~ I am currently accepting custom mason jar (kitchen set) orders!  If you have something in mind, please get in touch and view colours I offer!



Available brands depends on my stock-on-hand.  I typically have a variety of:  Ball, Bernardin, Heritage, Improved, and Kerr available. Jar size options include:


OH! And did I tell you that my soap pumps are non-rusting STAINLESS STEEL, available in both FOAMING and LIQUID dispensers?! Yes! Happiness! 😀

Over the years, I have purchased several dispensers from local retailers, and they have done nothing but disappoint!  They don’t dispense ‘liquid’ soap well (you have to pump them at least 10x to get a decent amount), they don’t come in ‘foaming’ dispense form, and they RUST terrible! No! Unhappy! 😦

So I did something about that!  I went on a mission to find STAINLESS STEEL dispensers in both FOAMING and LIQUID form, and I found them my friends — and have them FOR YOU! ❤



My mason jar kitchen set pricing varies (noted in each listing).

❤ This ‘Sea Storm’ Kitchen Set ↓ is FOR YOU ~ $25 ❤
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