Mason Jar (Bathroom Sets)

NEW in 2018 ❤

Add a charming touch of rustic decor to your home with a farmhouse chic mason jar set! A practical, tidy and delightful way to store hand soap, toiletries, cosmetics and wipes in your bathroom — these lovingly upcycled sets will add a pleasing feature to your washroom or powder room.

Mason jars are a timeless essential, and make for perfect birthday, Christmas, housewarming, just because, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and appreciation gifts! ❤




My current mason jar (bathroom set) pricing starts at $45 (minimum 3 jars). All jars are finished with the following exquisite products:

  • Country Chic Paint ‘All-In-One Decor Paint’ ~ charming and eco-friendly clay-paint
  • Country Chic Paint ‘Tough Coat‘ ~ for top-notch protection (water and scratch resistant)

… and ALL sets include the following:

  • 1 Non-Rusting Stainless Steel Soap Pump ~ available in both ‘foaming’ and ‘liquid’ dispensing form
  • 1 Wire-Mesh Basket ~ NEW as of June 2018, handcrafted by ME ❤ 
  • 1 Hydrangea Flower
  • Lid Rims
  • Jute String Bows

… and if you like, add the following:

  • Toothbrush Mesh ~ $5.00/each
  • Extra Hydrangea Flowers ~ $5.00/each

Pssst ~ I am currently accepting custom mason jar (bathroom set) orders!  If you have something in mind, please get in touch and view colours I offer!




Available jar brands depends on my stock-on-hand.  I typically have a variety of:  Ball, Bernardin, Domglas, Golden Harvest, Heritage, Improved, Jewel, and Kerr available. Jar size options include:


OH! And did I tell you that my soap pumps are non-rusting STAINLESS STEEL, available in both FOAMING and LIQUID dispensing form?! Yes! Happiness! 😀

Over the years, I have purchased several dispensers from local retailers, and they have done nothing but disappoint!  They don’t dispense ‘liquid’ soap well (you have to pump them at least 10x to get a decent amount), they don’t come in ‘foaming’ dispense form, and they RUST terrible! No! Unhappy! 😦

So I did something about that!  I went on a mission to find STAINLESS STEEL dispensers in both FOAMING and LIQUID form, and I found them my friends — and have them FOR YOU! ❤