Country Chic Paint

I am thrilled to be amongst select 2017 guest bloggers for Country Chic Paint (CCP), and over the moon in ❤ LOVE ❤ with their exquisite products!

Whether you’re looking for digital-samples/descriptions, OR would like to place a custom DECOR order — below are colours from CCP’s oh-so-charming standard colour line that I have had the delightful opportunity to work with to-date, and typically have on-hand.

Pssst ~ I recommend you order a CCP hand painted colour card to view all of their available colours in true form, as viewing colours from your monitor/device may not be an accurate reflection.

Pssst Pssst ~ Looking for even more colour inspiration?! I encourage you to check out CCP’s blog for an abundance of creativity! Use the ‘Search Our Blog’ field (found near the bottom of their blog) and search any specific colour that fancies you for ideas!