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JUST for YOU my girl!

My girl Jenn has been waiting on me for MONTHS to transform a couple bedroom dressers for her. The wait however isn’t ALL my fault. Here’s the thing — Jenn simply can’t make up her mind. 😏 First she wanted the colour ‘Bee’s Knees’, then ‘Cheesecake’, then ‘Vanilla Frosting’, and most recently ‘Jitterbug’. I however can’t… Continue reading JUST for YOU my girl!

Country Chic Paint · For YOU · Jenn · Shabby Farmhouse Chic

A charming dresser, for the most charming girl!

In the early morning of February 18, 2002, I was beyond charmed by the birth of our daughter ~ Jennifer Faye Fossay. When my husband Bryan said “It’s a GIRL!”, my response was – “WHAT?! Are you sure?! It can’t be!”, as I was most certain that I would have 2 boys… however my certainties were… Continue reading A charming dresser, for the most charming girl!