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Who are you, and what did you do with my husband?!

Meet my Farmer husband and I. He looks pretty sweet doesn’t he?  YES… he cleans up very well, he’s my kind of perfect, and yes he is the sweetest of sweet, but there’s a BUT!

Farm Life · Farm Wife · Herefords · My Farmer

7 Bad Boys!

My Farmer n’ kids went to the Jets game tonight. I stayed home to work and keep an eye on our calving cows. I thought it would be somewhat of a quiet evening… till I looked out the window around 6pm and saw a bull standing in the middle of our driveway!  Seriously?!  Tell me… Continue reading 7 Bad Boys!

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My Farmer… The Finest #FELFIE Out There!

Felfies (selfies of Farmers) are self portraits of Farmers around the world doing their best to keep everyone fed. It’s a way for us Farmers to represent our industry, whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. #FELFIE a Farmers’ Self Portrait How could I resist this new rage?  My Farmer is pretty fine (OK… Continue reading My Farmer… The Finest #FELFIE Out There!

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If I was a baby calf…

I always love a fresh snowfall… it always makes things so pretty here on our farm.  AND a good snowfall in March hides the inevitable for just a little bit longer… that being everything that I undoubtedly will need to clean up come Spring.  Today’s heavy snowfall wasn’t going to stop Maggie and I from going for… Continue reading If I was a baby calf…

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Gravel Roads & Baby Calves

Spring is in the air!  Here at Fossay Herefords, February-April is one of the busiest times for My Farmer… as another calving season commences for him! And I his Farmwife am ELATED for the milder temps which gets me out of my office and into the great outdoors for some much needed fresh, country air!… Continue reading Gravel Roads & Baby Calves

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OK But I Have to Feed the Cows First

These were the words My Farmer spoke 13 years ago today when I woke him before sunrise to tell him that I was “pretty sure” I was in labour, and that we needed to get to the hospital.  YES… even on one of the most important days of our lives, the cows came first… over… Continue reading OK But I Have to Feed the Cows First