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C’mon In!

Who here wants their home to be warm, welcoming, and charming?! 🙋🏼Well I certainly do, and distressed furniture is indeed a lovely way to help achieve that! It has a vintage quality and ease about it, and fits so beautifully with homes that are comfortable rather than fussy. A wonderfully relaxed look that shouts C’mon In! When… Continue reading C’mon In!

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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Wood Flooring

Carpet.  Why did we ever?!  Cozy yes… but oh-so very dirty, and oh-so not a good idea for a farmhouse with fur babies! 😳 In Spring 2018 we decided that we’d like to replace the flooring in all rooms within our home that have carpet… room-by-room, year-by-year.  We were dreaming of hardwoods… realizing very quickly that… Continue reading DIY Rustic Farmhouse Wood Flooring

Country Chic Paint · Farmhouse Chic · For ME

Antique Washstand Transformed Bedside Table

We’ve been doing a lil’ reno job in our boys’ room.  It started with fresh paint on the walls and baseboards, followed by our own DIY softwood floor install (which I’ll be blogging deets about very soon), then a tallboy dresser restoration, and last but certainly not least this antique washstand transformation! These charming pieces… Continue reading Antique Washstand Transformed Bedside Table

Country Chic Paint · Farmhouse Chic · For ME

A Tallboy for My Tall Boy

Our boys’ bedroom was in MUCH need of a refresh!  A refresh that could very easily cost us a bundle OR cost us very little.  I prefer the latter myself, so that’s what we rolled with! 😉 I started off with giving his walls a fresh new coat of paint… Ripped out the dirty old… Continue reading A Tallboy for My Tall Boy

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Play it Lil’ Sista

I’m a lil’ sista… to 2 older brothers… all 3 of us were born within a 28-month period.  Yes, apparently that’s very possible, and our parents might have been a lil’ crazy at the time… or naive, or brave… or newly in love. ❤ Being the only lil’ sista to big brothers comes with many… Continue reading Play it Lil’ Sista

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A dresser of grace, not perfection

Somewhere along the way, we decided we wanted to do it all and do it all perfectly. We uphold the perfect image, raise perfect children, and chase perfect dreams on perfect journeys. But chasing perfect has left us exhausted and empty. By slowing down and making intentional choices to simplify, we can choose what matters and step off the hamster wheel. Grace Not Perfection is a life-giving standard… Continue reading A dresser of grace, not perfection

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JUST for YOU my girl!

My girl Jenn has been waiting on me for MONTHS to transform a couple bedroom dressers for her. The wait however isn’t ALL my fault. Here’s the thing — Jenn simply can’t make up her mind. 😏 First she wanted the colour ‘Bee’s Knees’, then ‘Cheesecake’, then ‘Vanilla Frosting’, and most recently ‘Jitterbug’. I however can’t… Continue reading JUST for YOU my girl!

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Once dining hutch, now ensuite cabinet

When I was lucky enough to come across this once loved but since forgotten dining hutch, I had every intension of restoring it so that it could continue its’ life in someone’s dining room… however things don’t always go as planned… and that’s neither always a bad thing. 🙂 It dawned on me one day… Continue reading Once dining hutch, now ensuite cabinet

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Enchanting Corner Hutch

I feel pretty special, and maybe even a lil’ spoiled! I’ve acquired many personal shoppers in the past few months — my Mom, some sis-in-laws, my couster… heck, I even have one of my daughters’ teenage friends keeping her eye open for thrift finds for me! Ha! And I thought I’d never have a personal shopper!… Continue reading Enchanting Corner Hutch

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Abandoned Farmhouse Writing Desk

What makes your ❤ beat fast, your palms sweat, your knees weak, and your breathing rapid?  Well for me, it’s my Farmer (a.k.a. my hubby)! There’s jus’ somethin’ about a strong, hard-workin’ man covered in mud, oil, and cow s#!t that does it for me!  And on the rare occasion that he gets all cleaned… Continue reading Abandoned Farmhouse Writing Desk