For US

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

Well here you are. Another year coming to an end. A brand new decade upon you. How ‘bout that.

2019 was a year of much thinking, and one of some needed changes and transitions wasn’t it? A year, where you continued to work on your best self. A year where situations and circumstances challenged and scared you, and blessings continued to grace you.

What will 2020 be a year of?

I hope that for you and all others, it is gentle and kind.

I remind you to breathe, to pause, to notice, and to keep trying your best.

Remember to have serenity with the things you simply cannot change.

Keep loving what you have, and you’ll continue to have everything you need.

May you embrace the new year with all your heart, soul and might.

You’ve got this girl.

2019 Me ❤

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