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What farm wives get for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  If it’s slipped your mind, take note that it’s only a week away!  Next Sunday May 10, Mom’s around the world will be honoured and celebrated in many different ways.  I for one, was celebrated a week early, in a VERY different way indeed (a farmwife way)!

No… I did not receive flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed, dinner out, or a spa day.  I received something MUCH, MUCH better! Wait for it…

What This Farmwife Got For Mother's Day

YES!  That’s ME holding a STIHL Chainsaw!  Now make no mistake… if at any time in my life (prior to today) you would’ve asked me if I’ve ever operated or considered operating a chainsaw, I would have either peed my pants from laughing so hard, or choked on my coffee.

Let’s be real… I’m a Web Designer, I sit at my cushy desk, gulping coffee and building websites… and I’m also very much a princess.  A princess that’s married to a very fine Farmer that is… whom is ALWAYS working and never around to help tend to our farm-yard.  If my Farmer isn’t calving our very fine Hereford cows, sorting cattle, fixing fence, checking cattle in pastures, raking hay, baling hay, helping out with seeding, spraying crops, harvesting crops, hauling hay, hauling straw, hauling cattle, and all the other million things Farmers do… he’s snoring (after his very busy, long days).  That’s his reality, so if shits gonna get done in our yard… I’ve gotta be the shit!

BUT… this princess is only capable of doing so many things in the yard.  Yes I can rake a few leaves, cut the grass, tend to the flowers, put in a small vegetable garden, burn the garbage, and pick up dog poop… but operating a chainsaw isn’t something I can do… until today!  I couldn’t even START my Farmers’ chainsaw, let alone operate it… but did you know there are chainsaws out there that even a princess like me can START without breaking a sweat?!  Believe it!  Chainsaws for “little” ladies like me do in fact exist”!  Don’t believe me… then watch for yourself:

YUP!  That’s ME starting my new chainsaw with one very simple, easy pull!  And yes… I’m grinning with a whole lot of excitement!  I am running a chainsaw after all… if you’ve never tried it yourself, trust me… you’ll smile too (a lot)!  AND… you’ll also do this:

04 07 06

Think my “ladies chainsaw” won’t take down big trees!  Think again!  My chainsaw (whom I’ve named Bertha) does it all!  She takes down big, dead trees and she prunes live, healthy ones just perfectly!


The only thing Bertha doesn’t do is take away these piles of dead branches for me… that will be a job for my Farmer (if he ever comes back from working that is).  Sigh… 😦

Yes, I wish my Farmer had more time to help me out in the yard… but man… after 8 hours with Bertha today, I’m pretty proud of the work she and I accomplished all on our very own… and I’m pretty certain my Farmer will be proud of us too. 🙂  I just hope I can lift my arms tomorrow, or at the very least operate my computer mouse! Ha!

Wood Pile (by Faye and "Bertha")


To all the Mom’s out there… I hope that you too receive the PERFECT gift next Sunday, and spend the day doing something you love!  I know what I’ll be doing… I’ll be in my yard pruning and taking down more trees… and I’m going to LOVE every second of it! ❤

P.S.  If you think your Mom would LOVE a chainsaw for Mother’s Day… be sure to give Swen’s Small Engines a call!  At Swen’s, they know just how to make a Mama happy!  And if Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy! 😉

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