“I think we’re in heaven”

How do you imagine heaven?  Will it be where your troubles will melt like lemon drops?  Will you spread your wings and fly in heaven?  Perhaps in heaven you will fly higher than an eagle?  We can only imagine right?

For me, I imagine all of this and more will be in heaven… and I’m certain there will also be plenty of dog paws to inhale in heaven.  Lots of them.  More than I could ever imagine or dream of.

Frito Paws

What do you mean you’ve never smelled your dogs paws?!  Well go ahead, get on it!  Grab your fur babies’ paw and bury your nostrils right into it.  Mmmmm… aaaahhh… they smell like Doritos don’t they?  Or maybe Fritos is your choice of taco chip?  Not a taco chip fan, how ’bout popcorn?  Corn chips?  Peanuts?  Almonds?!  Oh c’mon, there must be some salty treat that you simply love?!  Smells heavenly doesn’t it?!

Yes, in my heaven there will be the salty smell of dogs paws, a reunite with the ones I love and have lost (human and canine both of course), an abundance of Mr. Sub ‘Assorted’ subs, lush green grass, clear blue skies, harvest moons, afternoon naps, gin n’ tonics, and most definitely a ride on Willie Nelson’s tour-bus Honeysuckle Rose.  😉

Last-night while we were lying in bed, we were watching the end of the Winnipeg Jets game #GOJETSGO – WHOOP for win… and our baby Maggie was snuggled in between the 2 of us.  Yes, my Farmer moves over to make room for our Maggie, and yes that is one of the reasons I married him.  “I think we’re in heaven”… were my words while she snuggled between us.  Yes, having your dog take up half your bed, steal your blankets and snore in your ear is most definitely heaven.


There has never been a time in my life that I haven’t had a dog, nor will there ever be a time that I don’t have a dog.  Each and every one that I have had has affected my life profoundly, and filled it with unconditional love… and yes, every one of them has had the most deliciously smelling paws.  🙂

Our Maggie joined our family in September 2012. We adopted her with MUCH excitement from The Winnipeg Human Society after our daughter Jen won $ on the QX104 FM Birthday Game! Money VERY well spent! 🙂

If you haven’t yet invited your dog into your bed, go-ahead try it out. Yes your sheets will get dirty, your mattress won’t be in the greatest shape, and you may get pushed off the edge… but you tell me whether it’s not all worth it and that your troubles don’t all melt away like lemon drops.

Yes, there will always be room for our fur babies in our bed, and oh how I hope there will be salty smelling paws in heaven.

P.S.  Look who I just found napping in my bed. I left it unmade this morning just for her. Perhaps she’s dreaming of places somewhere over the rainbow. ❤

Nap Time


Maggie’s Mama

4 thoughts on ““I think we’re in heaven”

  1. Hi also fellow dog lover I love the smell of oscars paws too weird eh? I sent pictures I think or I hope. Charlie and Oscar are brothers.
    Andrea in Oakbank

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for connecting! YES… I do remember you sending pics of your Oscar! Our Charlie is WONDERFUL! We’re over the moon in love with him and the St. Bernard breed! He’s got the biggest “POPCORN PAWS” ever! ❤

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