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My Farmer… The Finest #FELFIE Out There!

Felfies (selfies of Farmers) are self portraits of Farmers around the world doing their best to keep everyone fed. It’s a way for us Farmers to represent our industry, whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

#FELFIE a Farmers’ Self Portrait

How could I resist this new rage?  My Farmer is pretty fine (OK really fine)… so when I heard about, it was time I explained to him what a selfie is, and that he needs to start snapping some. It just so happened that was yesterday… when here in Manitoba CANADA we were experiencing -47C temps with the windchill. Ya… stupid cold… but nothing my Farmer and our herefords can’t handle! Our cattle quite possibly look forward to the colder weather… cuz for them that means extra straw to keep them warm, extra hay to fill their bellies, and a treat of grain just to remind them how much we love them. 🙂

Although I might consider taking a selfie and posting it online, my Farmer prior to yesterday would have never considered doing so!  BUT… when I told him about, and we looked at some of the self portraits, he too thought it was a neat idea… so while Bryan was doing his chores yesterday, he captured a #FELFIE and we shared it with the world – view it here… yes that’s frost on his beard!

A #FELFIE puts a face to the farmer… sharing pics with the world of the people that make agriculture special.

Perhaps when you’re enjoying a good steak, a cold glass of milk, a fresh piece of bread… or anything else produced by a Farmer you wonder about the producer?  Well… if you do, is a way for you the consumer to see our story. Our story shares that agriculture is not just an industry, a job or an occupation… it’s a passion and a rewarding challenge for the Farmer. We love what we do, we love our land, we love our animals, and we love doing our part to feed the world.


My Farmer doesn’t have a Facebook profile or a Twitter account… but he’ll take a #FELFIE and I as his farmwife will very proudly share them with the world! Many other Farmers around the world are doing the same, and I hope more of you consider!  Even a Farmer can take a selfie… and I’m pretty sure they’ll be amongst the most interesting selfies out there!

So to all you fine Farmers (including my Farmer… the finest one out there), don’t worry about wiping the manure off your clothes, getting the dirt out of your nails, moisturizing your hard worked hands, combing your hair or flashing your brightest smile… just pose, click and share your moments.  We the world wanna see them! 🙂

Special thanks to CBC Manitoba Radio Noon for encouraging Manitoba Farmers to post felfies!


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