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Oops!…I Did It Again

Yes, I’ve once again lost all my senses… because that is just SO typically me when it comes to PUPPIES!  Sure, all puppies are adorable, but when I met Charlie he redefined the word.


Yes, Charlie is our THIRD puppy that has joined our family over the past 12 months (Maggie Sep’12 and Lily Mar’13).  And yes, my family will tell you that I’ve always said that we will NEVER have a 3rd dog.  But I’m not that innocent, and I’ve been known to change my mind before.

It wasn’t that he was a St. Bernard (a breed I’ve wanted ever since I can remember).  Or that he was the last male from the litter, quietest one of the bunch and ultra cuddly.  Or that he spoke our language through his whimpers “Please, please take me home with you!”.  Or that my daughter would have never spoke to me again if we didn’t bring him home.  With just one look from those masked eyes of his, and his heaven-scent puppy breath… he melted my heart, sealed my fate and became the 3rd canine member of our family in an instant.

Charlie (known as Hartley to his birth family) came into our lives last Sun Sep 29.  Both his Mama n’ Papa are St. Bernard’s raised by a loving family in Winnipeg.  We were so happy to have found them, and for them to be equally happy to have Charlie come home with us.

St. Bernard’s are known all around the world for their hereoism.  Charlie is definitely a hero in our hearts already… at only 6 weeks of age and 7 lbs of fluff.  I love being able to carry him like a baby… however that won’t last for long (at an anticipated full-grown weight of 170+ lbs).  So, like my own babies,  I’m treasuring the moments where he puts his arms on my shoulders and nuzzles his head into the crook of my neck.

Charlie likes to hang out with me when I work. On his first full day in our home… he warmed my lap and smothered me with kisses while I launched our new website for F3 Designs.  I didn’t think it was possible to love my work more than I do… but Charlie’s company makes it even BETTER! 🙂

hanging out in my office with me
hanging out in my office with me
cuddling with me during the Jets game
cuddling with me during the Jets game
"patiently" waiting for his breakfast
“patiently” waiting for his breakfast
hanging out with big sister Lily
hanging out with big sister Lily
trying to figure out crazy big sister Maggie
trying to figure out crazy big sister Maggie

Yes, puppy love is radiating on the Fossay Farm.  Rescued, found or pedigree, all dogs are noble.  All dogs deserve love in a forever home, and for Charlie it’s our home.

Welcome to our family Charlie. xoxo

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