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Let’s Go Kids!

Camping! A word and thought that had to leave my vocabulary and mind when I married my Farmer 16+ years ago. For those of you that don’t camp, you may think “So what?!”… but camping is something I always thought I would do with my kids one day, and I have yet to do it… and they’re growing up FAST!


May-September is one of the busiest times of the year for My Farmer, so I knew very early in our marriage that camping we simply would NOT do.  Seeding, harrowing, spraying, moving cows out to pasture, fixing fence, checking cows in pasture, cutting hay, raking hay, baling hay, harvest… are just a few of the many things happening during these months on our farm… and camping is NOT one of them!

Although growing up my family didn’t camp (my Dad’s a Farmer too…), I was lucky to have family and friends that would invite me along… and each time I had the opportunity to go, I had the GREATEST time and created memories that will forever be with me.  Solitude, relaxation, recreation, oneness with nature, escape from the business of life… that’s camping, and I soooo want my kids to have the opportunity to experience it!

A Cow for a Camper

Each year that goes by on the farm I realize more and more that if I wanna go somewhere or do something, I almost always gotta do it without My Farmer… or it ain’t gonna happen!  He’s a super busy, hard-working guy… and we love him for it… but there’s lots of things we wanna do that he simply can’t do—like camping!  Although he needs our helping hands lots, he also wants us to get-away and do some fun things off the farm (yes he’s awesome that way)!  So… we recently decided to purchase a Travel Trailer, and had a great experience doing so at Can Am RV. Funny thing is that we started off with our idea to purchase a camper by trading one of our cows for a neighbours old camper. Yes… they wanted a cow, and we wanted a camper… but there’s a whole lot of princess in this farmwife, and I desired more in a camper than what a cow trade offered!  So then we set a budget and started looking for bigger, used campers and learned along the way that for a little more $ we could get EXACTLY what we wanted (and brand-new) from Can Am RV.  Their service was exceptional, and they made our decision a very easy one!

We bought our camper a couple weeks ago, and took it for it’s first outing to Dauphin’s Countryfest with friends last weekend.  Although it’s prime baling season during Countryfest… My Farmer knows that this is an event that even he shouldn’t miss!  For the past few years we’ve been staying in our old Truck Camper at Countryfest… which was fine, but OH MY… this year in our new camper was DEVINE!  Master bedroom, air conditioning, flush toilet, fridge, room for guests and more!  For years to come, we will head to Countryfest and our new camper will make it that much more fun!

I Can Do This

“I’m always pushing myself outside of my comfort zone with my kids to show them that a woman is strong and can do anything. Sometimes it’s scary and tough, but always worth it!” — Words shared with me the other day from a wise and awesome gal I know!

Make no mistake though!  I do need a bit of time from My Farmer to truly make this whole camping idea work!  I can’t pull a Cattle Trailer, and I certainly won’t be attempting to pull the Travel Trailer either!  Soo… My Farmer will drive us to our destination, park us, help get us set-up and then head back to the farm.  NO we don’t want him to leave… we soooo want him to stay with us… but he’s super happy to do this for us, and his cows and crops need him more than we do this summer!  😉

I’ll Just Tether

The kids and I are looking forward to hot days on the beach, trail walks, bike rides, campfires, board games, time with friends… and much more!  BUT… I knew this would only work if I could still fit in some hours each day for my work.  No wifi, no worries!  I’ll be tethering off my iPhone in my camper, as I have many projects on the go this summer at F3 Designs… and it will be so nice to work from the campsite!

We’ll Be Home for Harvest

Although I’m gonna miss My Farmer while away camping with the kids… and it might be a little scary and tough without him, we’re doing this… and I know one day I’ll look back and be so glad we did!  Come harvest, we’ll park the camper for the year… so I can do my part for harvest meals, the kids can spend time with their Dad going for grain-truck and combine rides, and while doing so they can tell him all about the awesome camping adventures they had this summer! 🙂

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