Farm Life

Rudy’s Back!

He’s back! Rudy our Rooster has come out of the garage and is back to wandering our farmyard, coming to the front door for crackers, running away from the dogs, pecking through rotten berries, AND waking us all up at the crack of dawn!  You know what this means?!  This means SPRING IS HERE TO STAY!  There will be no more messing-around by Mother Nature I assure you!  Rudy would only come out if he knew for certain that Spring is here to stay!


We just got Rudy last Summer… and I know it’s a poor excuse… but we were just way too darn busy last Fall to try and build him a proper home for the Winter… so we got him settled in our garage, and that’s where he stayed until now.  He didn’t complain… rather he seemed to enjoy the garage (with the barn cats if you can believe it).

So there you go!  Smile, put your crocs on, and ladies shave your legs… cuz soon we’ll have our shorts on!  Spring is HERE! 😀  Thank you Rudy… it’s about time you came back! 🙂

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