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If I was a baby calf…

I always love a fresh snowfall… it always makes things so pretty here on our farm.  AND a good snowfall in March hides the inevitable for just a little bit longer… that being everything that I undoubtedly will need to clean up come Spring.  Today’s heavy snowfall wasn’t going to stop Maggie and I from going for our walk!  She is always so excited to go and I can always use a break from my work and some fresh country air… so off we went.

C’mon Mom! Let’s go!

All this snow can make things a little difficult during calving season, but My Farmer always makes the best of every situation… and is always there for his cows when they need him. While I was working away at my computer in the comfort of our home today, Bryan was outside in the blowing snow all day tending to his animals.

After our walk, Maggie and I met the kids at the end of the lane, and when we got back into the yard… Bryan said… “Don’t get undressed… I need all of you in the barn now!  I have a cow and a heifer that are calving right now and they both need assistance. I could use a few extra helping hands.”  The kids are always happy to help out, and you don’t have to twist my arm too much either when it comes to baby calf cuteness.  So we headed into the barn to give Bryan some help.

I would wish…

If I was a baby calf, I would wish for Bryan Fossay to be My Farmer!  That’s what I think every time I witness my husband Bryan assist our cows and heifers during calving season! I’m certain after viewing this little photoblog, you’ll agree! 😉

When we first got into the barn, Bryan was getting things ready to assist… so while I was waiting, I went and played with some of the baby calves that were in the barn.

They’re all soooo cute… that you can’t just play with one of them, you have to play with all of them. It’s only fair!

No more playing! Bryan is hollering for me to quit playing and come help. This cow’s calf was upside down and backwards… so Bryan needed to pull it out for her and quick! Here he’s putting chains on the calves hooves to get things ready for the pull.

Once the chains were in place and Bryan tried to pull… he realized he was going to need even more assistance… so out came the ‘calf-puller’.

A few minutes later, out comes the baby calf. It’s a GIRL! Thankfully Bryan was able to get it out quick… otherwise we would have had even more problems given the calf was upside down and backwards.

Once the calf is out, Bryan tickles her nose with straw… which helps get the mucus and after-birth out of its nose and mouth.

Bryan then puts the baby calf with it’s Mama so that she can clean it off and bond with her new baby.

This Mama didn’t waste any time. She knew just what to do to take care of her little girl.

No time to waste! Next it was onto the heifer that was having a hard time pushing.  She needed some assistance with getting the calf out… so Bryan got the chains around this one, and was able to get it out without the calf-puller. For those that may not know what a heifer is… it’s a cow that is pregnant with her first baby.  A cow on the other hand has already had earlier babies.


And this one’s a BOY! Out he comes… thanks to my strong Farmer!

Now it’s his turn to have his nose tickled.

This heifer acted like she had done this a 100x before! She went straight for her calf and started cleaning him off right away.

You’re going to make a fine new Mama!

And while all this action was going on… there was Maggie, sitting on top of a bale in the barn watching over everything. She’s SUCH a good girl!

After we had the Mama’s and babies settled in their pens, we headed into the house for supper.

After supper My Farmer will head back out to the barn to make sure our newest additions are sucking. And if they’re not… well he’ll be out there with them until they do, cuz that’s what My Farmer does, and that’s why if I was a baby calf… I would wish Bryan Fossay was My Farmer. 🙂

9 thoughts on “If I was a baby calf…

    1. Thx Jen! Thankfully Bryan was able to get these 2 out on his own… and we didn’t have to call you and Carel! BUT… what’s reassuring is knowing that we have the 2 of you (the most awesome Veterinarian’s) close by if we do need you! Hope you’re not too bummed about today’s snowfall dump… holy dina eh?! Looks like it’s tapering off now though. Have a good evening! F

    1. And I hope good memories Angie? You must miss baby calves?! I can’t imagine my life without them… having been with them for so many years! Adorbs! 🙂

  1. What a great read over my morning coffee Faye! Love all your farming frolics! Although I never grew up on a farm, we would often visit my great aunts farm as kids. We would pile out of the truck & I would head straight for the cows, insisting they were absolutely adorable-old or new!!! Very sweet story…thanks for sharing! xo

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Ria! They are adorable old or new just like you say… especially Bryan’s cows! They are super friendly and love our company… never turning away a good scratch, and some will even follow us around the pen if they figure we haven’t given them quite enough attention! 😉

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