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Gravel Roads & Baby Calves

Spring is in the air!  Here at Fossay Herefords, February-April is one of the busiest times for My Farmer… as another calving season commences for him! And I his Farmwife am ELATED for the milder temps which gets me out of my office and into the great outdoors for some much needed fresh, country air! I’ve been cooped up for way too long!

The sun is high and bright, my gravel roads are happy to have me back, and baby calves are being born!  This all spells and smells SPRING!

Just look how high and bright that sun is… and it’s already 4:00pm!

Hello gravel roads!  Oh how I’ve missed you!


Maggie missed you too! She’s not happy about the leash though!


Snowmobile trails still in operation, but not for long! Ha!


After our walk, Maggie & I wait for the kids at the end of our lane.


Heading back into the yard! Yay no leash! Thanks for taking it off Mom!


Let’s go visit the baby calves before supper! No Mama I won’t take your baby… just here to visit!


Well hello there! Yes Farmwife person… PLEASE scratch me under my chin!


I know, I’m sooo adorable! Scratch me too please!


Hey over here! My turn!


Our new barn is in operation! Where our Mama’s go to give birth in style!


We are so excited for our new BIG RED barn!


The south side of our barn will be a shop! Electrician was putting in the panel box today. Soon we will have LIGHT and running water!


And meet baby calf #10! Our latest addition… such a pookie schmookie wookie!  Yes I just said pookie schmookie wookie!


Perhaps we will name pookie schmookie wookie Rosie.  Time for Rosie to have supper… and time for me to head back into the house to make our supper!

I hope you enjoyed this little impromptu post!  The bright sun, gravel roads and bouncing baby calves gave me the desire to share some pics with you!

130 more baby calves to come in the coming weeks… My Farmer is a busy guy, and I am a very happy Farmwife knowing that Spring is just around the corner! And NO that doesn’t mean I’m thinking about what to put in the garden this Spring… cuz I’m a Farmwife with NO GARDEN! 😉

5 thoughts on “Gravel Roads & Baby Calves

    1. Thank YOU for reading Wendy! I can’t imagine life without country in it… so if me sharing some pics brings back some good memories for you, then I’ll keep sharing! 🙂

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