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OK But I Have to Feed the Cows First

These were the words My Farmer spoke 13 years ago today when I woke him before sunrise to tell him that I was “pretty sure” I was in labour, and that we needed to get to the hospital.  YES… even on one of the most important days of our lives, the cows came first… over me, everything else in our life, and even the birth of our first child!

Some of our Hereford cows.  Yes, they are ALWAYS hungry, and they ALWAYS come first!
Some of our Hereford cows. Yes, they are ALWAYS hungry, and they ALWAYS come first!

Bryan knew that we’d likely be away from home for several hours… so he knew that he needed to feed the cows before we left otherwise who knows what we’d come home to.  OKAY… I get it, but sometimes I just wish the cows could WAIT in line and let me come first… or on this particular day, let our baby come first!


It was Valentine’s Day February 14, 2000 and I was on my way home from work.  This was “back in the day” before my glorious work at home
F3 Designs venture began… when I did the commute to downtown Winnipeg to try and make a living… a painful and long 75 minute commute (one way), and on this particular day I was in no shape to be driving.  My vision was blurred from the tears that were filling my eyes, and I was soooo soooo tired!  I was 37.5 weeks pregnant, exhausted, anxious, and an emotional mess.

Bryan could see that I wasn’t my happiest when I walked in the door… and he asked how my day was. “I can’t do this anymore.  I’m so tired, so done.  I don’t think I can make it through another week and a half of work before I go on maternity leave!”  And his response… “Well then don’t.  Call into work tomorrow morning and tell them you’re done and that you’ll see them in 6 months.”  Easier said than done though… I hadn’t even started cross-training my replacement… so reality was that I needed to suck it up and get through my final days of work.

Mom will know

I woke around 4am that night to what I thought was the unpleasant aftermath from the French Onion Soup Bryan had made for our Valentine’s dinner the night before.  After a couple hours of what I thought was a bad stomach ache… I started thinking that perhaps there was more to this?!  “Could this be it?  Am I in labour?  But I can’t be… our baby isn’t due for 2.5 weeks, and given this is my first I can’t imagine that I’d be early. And if this is the start of labour, then this isn’t so bad after all… this I think I can handle… perhaps it won’t get much worse than this, and all the horror stories I’ve heard are nothing but exaggerated WOE IS ME story-telling.”  So what do I do when I need the answer to almost anything… I call my Mom… always have, always will, and can’t imagine not having her to call! Mom will know if this (whatever this is) is labour.

Just like I knew she would know, Mom knew… “Yes Faye… I’m pretty certain you’re in labour… I suggest you go wake Bryan up.  I’ll be waiting for my phone call… and don’t worry, everything will be fine!”

The cows are fed

My Farmer left me in the house to go feed the cows… and rather than getting upset that the cows ONCE AGAIN took priority over me, I took a hot shower and tried to calm myself in preparation for what was sure to be a very exciting and tiring day ahead!

An hour or so later… “OK… the cows are fed, are you ready to go?”  Of course I’m ready… and as for those damn cows… it would be nice if for just once I would come before them (just SOME of the thoughts that were rolling through my mind at that moment).  So off we went… heading to the Women’s Hospital at HSC… and on the way there it became VERY clear, VERY fast… that I was indeed in labour!  OK… so I guess those stories I heard weren’t exaggerated WOE IS ME story-telling… cuz this hurts like hell and I’m really not sure I can do this!  I’m scared… very scared!

A memory that will stay with me forever

The Most Perfectly Perfect Baby Boy ~ Our Matthew
The Most Perfectly Perfect Baby Boy ~ Our Matthew

Tuesday, February 15, 2000 3:30pm Matthew Bryan Fossay came into our world at 6 lbs 15.5 oz. and my Farmer and I became parents… to the most perfectly perfect baby boy!

I have a very strong memory right after the birth which I know will stay with me forever… and one that I think about often. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life, beyond fulfilled, extremely excited, the proudest person on planet earth, so very very lucky,  and extremely relieved.  There was NOTHING anyone could say or do to bring me down from this “high” I was on.  To see my Farmer… the man I love more than anything in the world hold our son was…. well there are no words!  Words simply cannot express the feelings and emotions I experienced 13 years ago today!  On February 15, 2000 I became a Mum… and it truly doesn’t  get any better than that!

My Farmer, my Boy... so perfect!
My Farmer, my Boy… so perfect!

That first night in the hospital… just me, my baby and nobody else… a moment in life that no mother will ever forget.  Matthew was mine, I was his, we became best friends the moment he was born… we spent the night laying heart to heart, whispering I love you’s.  He was my world, I was his Mum and I was going to take him home with me soon.

And now he’s a TEENAGER

Matt ~ November 2011 (most recent professional photo... yes, I need to get it together)... he's perfectly perfect isn't he! :)
Matt ~ November 2011 (most recent professional photo… yes, I need to get it together)… he’s perfectly perfect isn’t he! 🙂

“They grow up so fast!”  These words that we hear from our parents, grandparents, friends… they couldn’t be more true!  I’m not sure where the past 13 years have gone… but what I do know is how proud I am of the amazing young man our Matthew is growing up to be. He is exceptionally smart, outrageously witty, athletic, an awesome helper on our farm, and extremely stubborn and easily frustrated.  I wouldn’t change anything about him.  I am so incredibly proud of him.  Receiving hugs from him now is extremely rare… but he loves to crack my back… and if that’s what it takes to get my boys arms around me, that’ll do!  Yes we push each other’s buttons. He is truly my mini-me, and because we are so much alike, we do have the “occasional” argument… but even in those heated moments, I love him with all of my heart and soul.

Our “Matty-Goose” is 13 years old today… and I look at his face and still see my little boy.  I would love nothing more than for us to be laying heart to heart, just like when he was a little baby and I was a young and new mama.

Happy  Birthday Matt!

Love Mum xoxo

6 thoughts on “OK But I Have to Feed the Cows First

    1. No flowers, no chocolates, no romantic Valentines dinners for 15 years… but this blog comment, and all the other little things you do to show me you love me far outweigh all that other crap! My Farmer… he stole my heart 20 years ago, and continues to steal it every day. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thanks Mom! And thank you for your wisdom 13 years ago today… if it wasn’t for you, I may have gone much longer thinking that my labour was a bad stomach ache from Bryan’s French Onion Soup… which could have quite possibly led to birthing in the barn and not at HSC! LOL 😉 xoxo

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