Are you busy this week?


“Are you busy this week?” — asked my Farmer yesterday afternoon! I laughed so hard I peed a bit!  Seriously?!  What was he thinking when he asked me that?  It’s the last week before Christmas, and I’m so busy wrapping up business projects before the end of the year… amidst all of the planning and preparation for Christmas, that this week is most certainly going to be the gongiest gong-show week yet!

I try so hard to prepare myself well in advance for Christmas… but every year I seem to fail and find myself running around like a headless chicken during this final week!  AND why is it that so many others seem to have it together?  Every year I receive the most beautiful, warm and love-filled letters from many family and friends… you know those ones where someone writes a generic letter and sends it out along with their Christmas cards each year?  Ya those ones… the ones that come from the people that clearly have it together!  I soooo enjoy receiving those “year in review” letters, and every year when I read them I think to myself… “I gotta do this next year!”, and I NEVER DO!  I don’t even get Christmas cards out, never mind letters.

And then there’s the Christmas family photo… tried to get that done this past November too, but NOPE couldn’t fit it into our almighty calendar… thus the reason I’m unable to share one with you in this post. Thankfully I made sure that we got our kids pics with Santa when they were lil’ ones… at least I got that right in my earlier parenting years!

And YES… you can say “well she found time to write this blog post”… truth be told I type 105 w.p.m. (a skill that I hold proudly and use very fast and well)… and I so wanted to send out a Merry Christmas to many.  So please consider this my version of a Christmas letter and know that I wish you the very best this holiday season!

So much to be thankful for

Well… although I may not “have it together” this week… what I do know is that Christmas morning will come, there will be presents under our tree, our cozy farm house will be filled with the yummy aroma of Christmas brunch in the oven, our kids will have grins from ear to ear, our pets will have gifts to open too… and my Farmer will do chores a little later than usual… all while I sit back with coffee & eggnog in hand, and embrace every moment of the many blessings I have to be thankful for.

While many of us prepare for Christmas this week, and enjoy the festivities when it soon arrives… I pause for a moment amidst my chaos of making it all happen, and my thoughts turn to parents in the Newton, Connecticut community who won’t have their children with them this Christmas morning. My heart hurts so badly for those affected by such an unthinkable tragedy. I send my deepest prayers to all who are victims of such unbearable & unimaginable grief… and hope that somehow, someway they are able to find some comfort this Christmas knowing that so many of us around the world have them in our thoughts and prayers.

I wish you all joy and happiness this Christmas and coming New Year… and I pray for more peace in our world.


Merry Christmas!


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