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Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

Joanna Gaines! Who here dreams of Jo redecorating their home… or even just one room in their home?! And who here knows that that realistically ain’t EVA gonna happen?! But gosh darn who here aches for her #modernfarmhouse goodness?! Let’s be real… for many of us… if we want it, we gotta figure out how… Continue reading Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

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Second Chance Secretary

I didn’t think I’d ever come across an antique Side by Side Secretary that would be a good transformation candidate. Prior to finding this one, I had only come across a few, all of which held hefty price-tags. Rare beauties indeed they are! When this one was shared with me, I spoke for it and… Continue reading Second Chance Secretary

Country Chic Paint · For US · Modern Farmhouse

Third Time Charm Buffet

When I came across this vintage buffet (with matching china cabinet and draw leaf table), I knew I just had to have it. I’ve been desiring a harmonious set for our dining room for quite some time — albeit difficult to find one fitting for our moderate space. Although charmed to have acquired such a… Continue reading Third Time Charm Buffet

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Seasonally Scrumptious Bench

Hey there pumpkin! What a beautiful Autumn morning here in Manitoba! Amidst sharing this seasonally scrumptious bench for YOU today, I’m also fall decor’ing our front-step, and preparing a tailgate harvest meal for our boys in the field… a perfect fall day! Yes, pumpkin spice anything is delicious. Coffee, latte, tea, muffins, donuts, cookies, cupcakes,… Continue reading Seasonally Scrumptious Bench

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Quaint Quaker Blue

I’m kind of a consistent and predictable kinda gal. I like to plan out my days, know what’s coming up next, and without my multiple spreadsheets I am certain I would never rest easy. I honestly don’t know how my Farmer hubby does it — most days he doesn’t know what he’ll be doing in… Continue reading Quaint Quaker Blue

Country Chic Paint · For YOU · Modern Farmhouse

Rocky Coat Buffet

Being creative isn’t just good for the soul, but also for the mind. It allows you to focus, and use your passions; clearing your mind of other subjects, and expressing your thoughts and feelings in a calm and imaginative way. For me, transforming furniture is my creative outlet that always brings out the best in… Continue reading Rocky Coat Buffet

Country Chic Paint · For YOU · Modern Farmhouse

Simply Bliss Washstand

I simply adore antique washstands. They are such enjoyable transformations, and oh-so versatile. Small in size, they can fit anywhere from a small apartment bedroom to a large foyer in a full size home. I was delighted to find this lil’ gal and elated that she had her original hardware… albeit so dull and dingy… Continue reading Simply Bliss Washstand

Country Chic Paint · For YOU · Modern Farmhouse

Hello My Darling

I can still hear her say it… she said it to me and to all of her dearly loved grandchildren every time we saw her. “Hello My Darling” she would say… with so much love. My darling Grandma… oh how I miss her so. Darling (noun) | DAHR-ling: A dearly loved person. 💞 When Country… Continue reading Hello My Darling

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Stone Fence Secretary

Trying to be perfect is exhausting. If you can perhaps relate, and have found yourself stuck in a perfectionist spin cycle, I hope you find something that allows you to hit the PAUSE (and just breathe) button. 😌 As a web designer/developer, I have a really great way of satisfying my perfectionism (OCD)… coding truly… Continue reading Stone Fence Secretary

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Farmhouse Laundry Room Heaven

Some girls dream of diamonds, and some dream of farmhouse sinks. This girl is not AT ALL the former, and very much the latter. I’ve been dreaming and aching for a farmhouse laundry room sink for what seems like for EVA! Like about 21 years to be exact. Good things however do truly come to… Continue reading Farmhouse Laundry Room Heaven